VIDEO: “The Fast and the Electric” starring Maxwell & Leilani Münter

At first glance, Maxwell seems like a normal 16-year-old kid. Normal, that is, until he opens his mouth and starts talking about electric vehicles. How does a kid who doesn’t even have his license know so much about such a cutting edge technology?

Maxwell jumped in and learned everything he could about the benefits of electric vehicles and the potential of charging stations. By getting involved with the local city council and electric vehicle community, Maxwell was able to successfully petition to install the first electric vehicle charging station in his hometown of Denville, New Jersey.

100% is here to reward leaders like Max…so we surprised him with a visit and an insane ride in a Tesla P85D with race car driver Leilani Münter. Check out “The Fast and the Electric” trailer below, starring Max and Leilani.

Curious how you can take action in your community? Here are the simple steps Maxwell took:


If you have questions or need advice on how to get started, we can put you in touch with Max. Just email us at info@sol100.wm.localhost.


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