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Sean A. Watkins, The Solutions Project/100% campaign

Congratulations to our own Sean A. Watkins who was honored as one of the Grist 50 Fixers! Celebrated for his digital storytelling work with clean energy leaders, Sean continues to put solutions front and center online and offline. Sean joined the Solutions Project in 2016 and has helped build inspiration and momentum for others to push for[…]

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Tyler Nickerson (left) and Rudi Navarra (right) of the Solutions Project

With a lineup spanning from California to Florida, the Solutions Project team strives to reflect the diversity of voices, perspectives, and experiences of the America we celebrate. Together, our stories are a small part of what makes 100% clean energy a reality for 100% of people. To highlight the human energy propelling clean energy, we[…]

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Young Climate Leaders Network group photo

Most of us arrived as strangers; twenty-five souls from around the country sharing a space and a desire to address climate change. By the end, we became a community woven together with love, and support. Being part of the Young Climate Leaders Network this past year has reminded me deeply of the power and promise[…]

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Sarah Shanley Hope of the Solutions Project on stage at TEDxMidAtlantic, Oct 22, 2017

Sarah Shanley Hope’s commitment to making a seat at the table for everyone is part of what makes her shine.  “Each of us has a role to play in bringing about a better world,” she says. “A better world is each us of having a place.” Her ability to see and bring out the best in others has turned into[…]

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Actor and energy avenger Mark Ruffalo shines a spotlight on Nevada where out-of-work solar employees are going head to head with the Public Utilities Commission over a disastrous decision that skyrocketed the price of solar energy and cost hundreds of workers their jobs. Together we can turn this around. Together we are 100%.  

I’m ready to give my 100% to make a 100% clean energy future a reality.