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When Mark Ruffalo got the call that he was to be honored with a ‘Superhero for Earth’ award from the Captain Planet Foundation, he had only one request: to use his spotlight and share his award with a young person showcasing what it means to give their 100% in their community. So on an unusually snowy Atlanta night,[…]

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Highland Park ONE100 fb share

The 100% campaign went to Highland Park, Michigan to celebrate five people – Cindy, Nandi, Pastor Rick, Paul, and Phillis – bringing solar-powered streetlights and a whole lot of light to an entire community. After one thousand streetlights were taken away from their city, residents were left in the dark. Now, instead of using energy from the electrical[…]

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Aweso at ONE100 billboard reveal

Buffalo, New York is pioneering the transition to 100% clean energy for 100% of people. Across the city, leaders in business, in culture, in community organizations, and in their own neighborhoods are proving that 100% for 100% is not only possible, but happening. We’re celebrating them. We’re getting started with billboards across the city that[…]

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Actor and energy avenger Mark Ruffalo shines a spotlight on Nevada where out-of-work solar employees are going head to head with the Public Utilities Commission over a disastrous decision that skyrocketed the price of solar energy and cost hundreds of workers their jobs. Together we can turn this around. Together we are 100%.  

I’m ready to give my 100% to make a 100% clean energy future a reality.