Powering Our Lives At 100%

Sarah Shanley Hope’s commitment to making a seat at the table for everyone is part of what makes her shine. 

“Each of us has a role to play in bringing about a better world,” she says. “A better world is each us of having a place.”

Her ability to see and bring out the best in others has turned into a career of amplifying the work being done around the country to bring about healthy, safe, and thriving communities. Sarah currently leads the national transition to 100% clean energy as Executive Director of the Solutions Project. In a recent TEDx MidAtlantic talk, she shares her journey of owning her power to take care of herself and protect what she loves most.

Check it out below:

No one problem as big as climate change can be solved by one person.

For any solution to work, it must be comprehensive and requires all of us to play a part. Thanks to our Stanford based research team, we already know we can get to 100% with renewable energy technology that already exists. But as Sarah points out, “We can no longer think a few brilliant outside experts will solve our problems.”

There are solutions everywhere. From Greensville, Kansas to the Bronx to the shores of Costa Rica, individuals and organizations around the world are already doing great work advancing 100% clean energy for all.

So what’s your role to play? Where can you connect with others? How can you heal and protect yourself, our communities, and the earth?

As Sandra Steingraber, a mother, cancer-survivor and fierce advocate for healthy communities wrote, “What we love, we must protect. That’s what love means.”

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Photos by TEDxMidAtlantic

I’m ready to give my 100% to make a 100% clean energy future a reality.