ONE100 Buffalo: Five Surprises, One City


The 100% campaign went to Buffalo, New York to surprise five people who are making a difference and then some — they are transforming a city. Watch us surprise Lorna, Paul, Khadijah, Aweso, and Josh and celebrate all the ways they give and live their 100%.

Perhaps an unlikely trailblazer, Buffalo, New York is a city that proves the transition to 100% clean renewable energy for 100% of people is already happening. While technology is certainly a part of that transition, Buffalo’s transition to 100% for 100% doesn’t look like a sea of solar panels or a few more windmills dotting the edge of Lake Erie.

As far as we’re concerned, the transition looks like Josh planting gardens and using mushrooms to manage stormwater surges, like Aweso as he holds court at the afterschool program trafficked by the local kids, it looks like Khadijah as she advocates for immigrant youth, like Lorna as she creates theater to tell stories of justice and Paul as he weaves racial equity into his business perspective. Each of these phenomenal humans is giving their 100% and making 100% solutions happen, today.

I’m ready to give my 100% to make a 100% clean energy future a reality.