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Real life community superheros surprised and lauded by big-screen Avenger   Don Cheadle, who plays War Machine in Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame, is using his celebrity superpowers for good. He’s shining a spotlight on real-life heroes of the planet: this year’s winners of The Solutions Project’s ONE100 Awards. During the movie’s opening weekend, he made[…]

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Mali Hunter ONE100 hero

Upon walking into Atlanta’s Tree Sound Studios, it’s clear why the word legendary is synonymous with this recording studio. With incense burning and walls adorned with gold and platinum record plaques, it feels like walking into greatness. For over twenty-eight years, this sustainable studio has been churning out music for some of the world’s biggest[…]

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ONE100 miami hero

Down in Miami and South Florida, our latest ONE100 champions are working hard to make 100% clean energy a reality for 100% of people in the Sunshine State. Natalia Arias, Alissa Jean Schafer, Paulette Richards, and Yisbell Alvaro are proving that it starts with one person. One person to speak up on the issues they[…]

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Atlanta Power Women hero

On a sunny Wednesday morning, three Atlanta women were in for a huge surprise. Instead of the meeting they expected, they were surprised by the 100% campaign with a circle of close family and friends who joined them to unveil city billboards honoring these power women and the work they do to advance clean energy.[…]

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ONE100 Oakland Power Women

Sitting on the other side of the San Francisco Bay Bridge, Oakland, California is a mighty city continuing to produce good-hearted people giving their 100% to make a better world where we all have a place. So for our latest ONE100 awards, we went to Oakland to celebrate three women who are transforming how we[…]

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atl100 superheroes and Mark Ruffalo

This year Atlanta became the 27th U.S. city committed to 100% clean energy. This feat would not have been possible without the city’s real-life superheroes – local Atlantans who team up and give their 100% to create a community powered by clean, renewable energy for all. These everyday heroes often don’t get the recognition they deserve, so[…]

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Highland Park residents smiling and laughing outside of church

Imagine getting up for work in the morning. It’s 5am, the sun has still yet to rise, and you have five minutes to make it to your bus stop. As you open the door to walk out the house, you suddenly are staring into pitch darkness. For residents of Highland Park, this was a reality.[…]

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Smiling kids with ONE100 honoree, Aweso Salim, at the Grant Street Neighborhood Center in Buffalo, NY

With the help from our friends at PUSH Buffalo, the 100% campaign is shining a light on three everyday heroes who are at the forefront of our transition to 100% clean energy. Check out what happened when we visited Buffalo to surprise a youth mentor, business leader, and student advocate with billboards in their honor. Aweso   Being[…]

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Josh Smith, Buffalo ONE100

Even in long dark days of winter, there are bright lights showing the path towards clean, renewable energy for everyone. Last December Boone, North Carolina and Traverse City, Michigan both passed resolutions to go 100% renewable. And as a result of powerful protest at Standing Rock, construction of the dirty and disastrous North Dakota Access Pipeline was halted[…]

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I’m ready to give my 100% to make a 100% clean energy future a reality.