ONE100 Atlanta: Mali Hunter

Upon walking into Atlanta’s Tree Sound Studios, it’s clear why the word legendary is synonymous with this recording studio. With incense burning and walls adorned with gold and platinum record plaques, it feels like walking into greatness. For over twenty-eight years, this sustainable studio has been churning out music for some of the world’s biggest artists. The woman boss behind it all? Well, it’s Atlanta’s latest ONE100 award winner, Mali Hunter.

Malissa “Mali” Hunter is a Grammy-nominated producer, artist, celebrity organic chef, and partner of Tree Sound Studios. More than that though, she’s a person who cares about people and the planet first.

This year, the 100% campaign went to Atlanta to celebrate Mali and recognize her work that is inspiring her community and the entertainment industry to commit to healthy eating and environmental sustainability.


When we surprised Mali with her own billboard, her humble warrior spirit literally reached new heights. While admittedly a little embarrassed, she was in high spirits to be honored alongside two other power women of Atlanta, all who are powering a clean energy transition for all.

“I get to do what I love, and influence people for the better,” says Mali. “To feel better, to live a better life, and to give back to our planet.”

Powered by on-site solar energy and a rainwater catchment system, Tree Sound Studios boasts top talent such as Drake and Future who recorded their 2015 mixtape, What A Time To Be Alive, here. Recorded entirely in Tree Sound’s off-grid Studio 11, the mixtape debuted at number one on Billboard. Mali calls it a “sun record,” and says it’s important people know that. “It went Gold in a week, and it was all made by sustainable energy,” she says.

When she’s not helping other artists bring their passions to life, you can probably find Mali practicing yoga or cooking a delicious organic meal for her community or celebrity friends. On how her food has become what people also know her for, Mali shared, “I grew up where if someone came to your home, you made sure they felt like it was their home.”

It’s that energy that continues to inspire others around her. “She’s an example of the type of woman I want my daughter to grow up to be,” said Terri J. Vaughn, actress, and Mali’s good friend, in a celebration circle with Mali’s loved ones.

After spending a day with this music industry boss, it’s clear Mali’s heart is her biggest superpower. Whether it’s her love for people, her passion for healthy eating, or her mission to be more environmentally sustainable, she is truly 100% for 100%. Congratulations, Mali Hunter.

Mali Hunter ONE100 billboard reveal - Atlanta

Mali with friends and loved ones at her surprise billboard reveal.

I’m ready to give my 100% to make a 100% clean energy future a reality.