ONE100 Miami

Down in Miami and South Florida, our latest ONE100 champions are working hard to make 100% clean energy a reality for 100% of people in the Sunshine State.

Natalia Arias, Alissa Jean Schafer, Paulette Richards, and Yisbell Alvaro are proving that it starts with one person. One person to speak up on the issues they care about. One person to celebrate the human energy powering their communities. One person to advocate for the implementation of solutions that work for everyone.

Watch what happened when we showed up to celebrate these leading women.


A Climate Change of Mind

In summer 2017, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria served as wake up calls for the South Florida region. As a global city with over 2.5 million inhabitants, many of our ONE100 champions were some of the first to host community meetings to educate and engage their neighbors on climate change and the transition to clean, renewable energy as a solution.

As Natalia Arias of The CLEO Institute says it: “Climate change needs all of us. We have the solutions at hand. It’s just a matter of getting the public engaged so that they advocate and then demand our elected officials to implement these solutions.”

ONE100 Miami - Natalia Arias

Natalia Arias (center) with CLEO Institute colleagues

And while climate change certainly affects us all, the transition to renewables must make as much sense for our wallets as it does for the planet. That’s where Alissa Jean Schafer of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy comes in. “In some communities, they don’t have time to worry about climate change,” she says. But “through energy efficiency and affordable solar energy, we have these solutions to literally bring families out of poverty.”

ONE100 Miami - Alissa Jean Schafer

Alissa Jean Schafer (center) of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Meanwhile, in Miami’s Liberty City neighborhood, Paulette Richards launched the Climate & Me summer camp in 2016 to ensure youth were receiving proper education on climate change and how it affects the community in which they live. “I call my kids little ‘Climate Pollinators’,” she told us, “because they go into the house and pollinate their families with awareness.”

“It’s vital for them to get the information right now – even if they don’t understand. Because when the time comes when they need it, it’ll be there.”

ONE100 Miami - Paulette Richards

Paulette Richards (center-right) with family and friends.

And if that doesn’t fire you up for what’s happening in Miami, then meet student leader, Yisbell Alvaro. As the co-creator of Miami Dade College’s Sustainapalooza and former student government body president, this recent graduate leads with her heart to make sure there is always a seat at the table for our youth.

From our sit-down with her, it’s clear she is having a big impact on others. “We are the future voters. We are the future politicians; the future senators; the future representatives. Our voice matters now…because, in a couple of years, we’re the ones taking over.”

ONE100 Miami - Yisbell Alvaro

Yisbell Alvaro with her parents

The Solutions Project and 100% campaign are excited to celebrate these ONE100 champions implementing community solutions that make sense for 100% of the people and our planet. All it takes is one person to make an impact. Are you registered to vote?

I’m ready to give my 100% to make a 100% clean energy future a reality.