You helped launch 100% – Thank you!

One week ago today, we launched the 100% campaign to make affordable clean energy accessible for everyone. Online, that meant welcoming thousands of new people to our community. In person, it was more than 200 people coming together from across the state of NY to experience what’s possible when the human spirit and clean energy combine.

Mark_Photographer-Kelly-Taub_BFA Malik_Photographer-Kelly-Taub_BFA

It was a launch we hope sets the stage for people from all walks of life to participate in a vibrant community and bring their 100% to pop-up events across the country, in the year to come.

In NYC, we got the party started at La Plaza Cultural on the lower east side. Only a vision as bold as 100% clean energy for 100% of people brings leaders like Damaris Reyes from the neighborhood organization Good Ol’ Lower East Side together with Tom Van Dyck from RBC Wealth Management.  Or Actor Mark Ruffalo together with a dozen public high school students from the Alliance for Climate Education and Global Kids.  100% of people for 100% clean energy!

Mark-with-Global-Kids-and-ACE_Photographer-Kelly-Taub_BFA NY-Launch_Photographer-Ethan-Covey

We gathered beneath the mural being painted by street artist Zio Ziegler and among the veggies of the community garden.  100% New Yorkers – including farmers, musicians, bankers, community organizers, and scientists – ate solar powered pizza, grooved to the beats of some of the best Subway performers out there, and got a surprise visit from Leonardo DiCaprio.

But it was Mark Ruffalo’s impromptu interview of Krystal Ruiz – who was honored for bringing solar power to lower east side residents – that best showcased the potential for 100% leadership. Standing in the same garden where 10 years before she only found trouble, Krystal shared how her job made sure her neighbors have access to affordable clean energy. Dressed to the nines, Krystal spoke about clean energy providing the pathway for her life’s purpose.

Performers_Photographer-Kelly-Taub_BFA zio_2

So many of you at our event, so many of you participating in the campaign online, and so many of you we haven’t yet met in cities and towns across America can tell your own 100% story and be inspired by others.

We can’t wait to help you do that – and together, make sure everyone has access to the affordable clean energy that can make our lives better and strengthen our communities.  Share what’s already happening where you live, today and take an action to make 100% a reality for all, tomorrow by joining


I’m ready to give my 100% to make a 100% clean energy future a reality.