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We are here for the fun stuff. From surprise celebrations with city-wide billboards to electric vehicle (EV) racecar rides, the 100% campaign shines a light on people who are at the forefront of our transition to a world powered by the wind, water, and sun.

We honor clean energy leaders and tell personal stories that reflect the true diversity of people making 100% clean energy a reality. 

The 100% campaign is part of Solutions Project, a non-profit organization working to accelerate the transition to clean energy for all.

As part of Solutions Project, the 100% campaign receives funding from individuals and philanthropic organizations that support the transition to a clean energy economy.

You can see list of major donors to The Solutions Project here

Clean energy is powered by the wind, water, and sun. Our vision for clean energy is homegrown, renewable, and efficient, and it includes solar energy, wind energy, geothermal, and hydropower.

I’m ready to give my 100% to make a 100% clean energy future a reality.