VIDEO: Kathie’s ONE100 Award

“Our farm was built by family. It’s not just a job, it’s our heritage. It’s the place I want to be.”
– Kathie, Twin Oaks Dairy

Organic milk and solar energy does a body extra good. So, we’re extra happy to celebrate a woman who makes both of those things happen in upstate New York.

Kathie is one person going 100% for herself, her family, her farm, and her community. Because of this and all the other ways that Kathie is awesome, we’re celebrating her with a ONE100 award.

Kathie runs the almost entirely solar-powered Twin Oaks Dairy farm in Truxton, New York. In addition to standing as a great example that 100% is possible and happening, Kathie and her farm are a testament to the power of family-made milk and family-made energy.

But Kathie’s story is not without hardship. She lost her husband Rick, her partner in life and on the farm, as well as her her brother-in-law, Bob, who suffered from a brain disease called frontotemporal degeneration. Mark Ruffalo spoke briefly on that in his video message to Kathie: “We’re so sorry for your loss. The farm you created speaks volumes about the strength of your character and your family. So keep up the great work. And thank you!”

Congratulations Kathie and Twin Oaks Dairy Farm. Thank you for giving 100%.

I’m ready to give my 100% to make a 100% clean energy future a reality.