About Us

100% is a campaign that ignites human energy, clean energy and what’s possible when the two come together. 100% sees clean energy as a means not an end.  It is a path to individual freedom and the common good  — a path to something greater. With 100%, we make life better for each and all of us.

Today, too many people across the country still don’t have access to the new, safe and affordable energy powered by the wind, water and sun and made even cheaper with energy efficiency.  They are left with old, dirty and often expensive energy that not only keeps utility and gas bills out of their control, but pollutes the air and water in the neighborhoods where they or other Americans live.  While this old energy helped industry and cities grow in the past, it holds too many of us back and costs too much to continue. Our household budgets and the health of our families are being threatened.

And they don’t need to be.

100% is about energy that powers everyone. A new energy system brought about by human energy and local, clean efficient sources.

We know it’s possible because it’s already happening.

The human spirit is a powerful thing. Nothing is impossible when we ignite it.  Already, today, you see it across the country where people are improving lives and communities with the combination of human energy and new clean energy. All kinds of people, from all walks of life, who know new clean energy is a path to something greater. For themselves, their children and grandchildren, for their neighbors and fellow Americans.

These people act with purpose. They save money, time and energy to spend on what and who they love. They also know that new clean energy is the future, happening now, and the faster we adopt it, the healthier, safer, more prosperous, even more fulfilling, life will be for all of us. They will be recognized in their lifetime and beyond for who and what they are: leaders of a new era.

We started this campaign because we believe that we can change the culture around new clean energy by recognizing today’s leaders and inspiring tomorrow’s. Together, sparking new conversation about what is possible and igniting the human spirit to achieve it.

100% for 100%. Our goal is for everyone to have access to affordable clean energy. We help you imagine and do what’s possible.  Join us and you will be recognized as a leader who is achieving it.   With you, we have the power.


100% is a campaign of the Solutions Project, a national nonprofit organization working to accelerate the transition to 100% clean, renewable energy for all people and purposes.